About Us
Claims Management Associates, Inc. (CMA) was established in an effort to provide a superior level of customer service to our clients by providing them with a team of highly experienced adjusters that are compensated at a higher level than is typical in our business and utilizing processes that make managing claims effortless for the customer, yet keep them informed at all times.

Our Claims Process
Investigation Process
Our adjusters will contact the claimants and insureds within 24 hours of assignment including weekends. The investigation begins by conducting in-depth interviews with the involved parties, scene investigations and collecting relevant information in order to complete a detailed investigative report and recommendation to the client. Client is provided a comprehensive captioned report within 30 days of assignment.

Property Inspections
Inspections are completed within 72 hours of assignment and can be done on an emergency basis within 3 hours if necessary.

Emergency Access
We are equipped for inbound emergency calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Property damage estimates are completed through our computerized estimating system with up-to-date pricing. Competitive bids are requested if necessary for comparison.

Comprehensive Reporting
For our claims administration clients, we offer an array of computerized reports including specialized loss runs in summary or detail, loss history reports by location, loss reports by type of loss and virtually any other type of report the client requests. Claims information is available to the client on a 24/7 basis through our on-line system and available for download into the client's database for budgeting and other purposes.

Litigation Management
Through close working partnerships with outside counsel and aggressive bill review we will ensure that our clients receive competent legal representation at a fair cost.

Claims Auditing Services
CMA offers general liability auditing services for public as well as private entities.

CMA offers index bureau reporting, background checks, digital loss photographs, proof of loss reports, excess claims monitoring and subrogation services.

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